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Super Trooper  – family friendly activities to try at home

Crazy Family Races

Active Games

Have fun being active with some family-friendly activities and begin moving together in your living room, garden or local park!

Ping Towel Pong
Active Pairs
Balloon Ball
Sling Shot Tennis
Family Cheer
Crazy Balloon Racing
Family Yoga
Cross the River
Lights Camera Action
It’s Snowing

Fun Challenges to Try at Home:

Try out these fun active challenges at home! You can challenge yourself or your sibling and try beat your top score!
These fun challenges will be posted daily Monday to Friday by Fingal Sports on their social media pages and can be found here: (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter) or you can find lots more challenges on their website:
Let us know how you get on with the challenges! We’ve no doubt that all of our athletes with excel with their skills!

More fun, short home learning PE videos, tutorials & games from the PE Shed can be found on their Youtube channel:

Click on the image to access all the wonderful resources and start having fun!

GoNoodle is another wonderful resource where you can find lots of fun mindfulness & movement videos for children & families to enjoy. Don’t forget to explore their different channels where you’ll find tons of energetic, fun brain breaks & exercise videos!

Why not try out the GoNoodle Activity Alphabet below! The songs & activities can all be found on their website! See how many challenges you can get through in one day or one week. 🙂

GoNoodle Alphabet Activities

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