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We had an action-packed fun filled day for our Junior Sport’s Day! We were very lucky to have gorgeous weather for the day too!

Pupils enjoyed experiencing lots of different activities for the day which included:

  • Obstacle courses
  • Relays & potato & spoon races
  • Basketball with Praha
  • Circuits in the hall: high jump, long jump, ladders, hurdles, and javelin throwing
  • Runs around the school through our active walkway with some active challenges along the way
  • Playground games
  • Dance
  • Lots of parachute games

Children were amazing athletes, and we were very proud to see them all try their best & give everything a go! The kindness & team spirit they showed their friends was wonderful too!

Our Senior Sport’s Day was also super successful and pupils enjoyed the variety of events & activities!

20-3169-SPR-Virtual Sports Day-Primary - Cork Education Support Centre Sport’s Day 2021

While we couldn’t celebrate this year’s Sport’s Day in our usual way, it ended up being one of our best days yet! Not only were we lucky enough to have two days of fabulous sunshine, but lots of fun and laughter was had by all!

We had a Junior & Senior Sport’s Day this year. Junior Infants – 2nd Class enjoyed partaking in a variety of different stations; obstacle courses, running & active walkway challenges; potato & spoon & relays;  athletic circuits; parachute games; dance; playground games and basketball. 1st and 2nd class had more fun & games in Albert College Park that afternoon.

3rd – 6th Class enjoyed participating in obstacles courses; rounders; bench ball; athletic circuits and basketball. They carried on having fun being active and doing sports & games in Albert College Park that afternoon.

Have at the slideshow of pictures below to see each class having lots of fun!

Junior & Senior Infants 

First & Second Class 

Third & Fourth Class 

Fifth & Sixth & ALC Blue & Green 

GETNS Virtual Sport’s Day    

Sport’s Day Challenges & Activities
Recording Sheet

We were so delighted to see all of the wonderful photos and videos of our super active pupils taking part in our Sport’s Day challenges. It was great to see you having so much fun. We are very proud of you all! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the videos!