Please note Page 4 of the Admissions PolicyTransition period: Offers of places will be made in the first instance where places on the lists were confirmed to applicants prior to February 2020, based on the priority category of the policy at the time of application, up until September 2024 only.”   This means where there are places remaining after the waiting list has been exhausted, offers will be made from applications made between

5th October 2020 to 23rd October 2020.   Late applications for all classes can submit their application by clicking here.

The school will respond by post with:

  • an offer of a place for you to follow up on. The period within which all applicants must confirm acceptance of an offer of admission is 1 week.


  • notification of a waiting list number and no further action is required by you.

The school will accept 56 children in total into Junior Infants 2021.

The following are the dates applicable:

The school will commence accepting online applications for admission on  

5th October 2020

The school shall cease accepting online applications for admission on  

23rd October 2020

Offers will be made by letter to Junior Infants 2021 of siblings already enrolled in the school on


Acceptances must be returned by


2nd November 2020


9th November 2020

1st round offers will be sent by letter to Junior Infants 2021 on


Acceptances must be returned by

16th November 2020


23rd November 2020

Offers to Junior Infants 2021 will continue to be made every 3 weeks until both classes are full.

 Offers to children in other classes will be made if a place becomes available in that class.

The school will consider and issue decisions on late applications in accordance with the school’s Admission Policy.