The following is a brief overview of the items discussed and actions agreed at the February PTA Meeting

Attendees: Annaba, Ciaran, Marena, Lisa D, Lisa M, Maire, Neal, Grainne, Lisa A, Stephanie, Amanda, Anne Marie, and Niambh

Apologies: Pete, Aga, Louise, Aoife, Martin, and Emily



ECA co-ordinator Amanda gave an update of Term 2 registration and class uptake.

Arts and Crafts were added for Term 2 (Thursday) and registration went very smoothly this term.

Amanda is currently looking at potential offerings for September 2019. A number of queries were received in relation to opening up more offerings for junior classes and expanding ECA’s on offer. However, this is an issue both in terms of allocated space (access to host classrooms) and the BOM request that ECA’s are kept to a maximum of two per day

It was agreed by the PTA that more parental involvement is essential in order to support the continuation of the ECA’s for 2019 /2020 school year. Amanda manages this on a purely volunteer basis and it is a very high workload for one person.


PTA Constitution

Neal and Grainne (PTA Chairs) to meet Principal to resolve any outstanding issues prior to next meeting.


Autumn Fair Ethos

Lisa and Maire presented a draft PURPOSE AND ETHOS document for the Autumn Fair. This is to be reviewed by all PTA and discussed at the April meeting before sharing with the wider parent body.


New All School Email

PTA Secretary Niambh has created one master list for communications between the PTA and all the school. If you are not receiving emails from the PTA, please let your Class Rep know or email [email protected]


Parent Talks

It was agreed to book the NPC training for 6th Class parents on managing the transition from Primary to Post Primary for the first week in September. 5th Class rep to liaise with class re same.

A second NPC training on wellness and Mental Health will be organised for this term.


Art Day 14th June.

PTA members Lisa, Niambh, Stephanie, Marena, Pete and Ciaran have agreed to help form the 2019 Art Day Committee – but still need support from the wider parent body. If you would be able to assist them and ensure that Art Day can go ahead this year, please get in touch via [email protected]


And if all parents could put the date in the diary as we will need LOTS of volunteers to run Art Day in our growing school.


Autumn Fair 2019.

1st Class parent Stephanie is already coordinating the 2019 committee and planning for Autumn Fair on the 20th October this year! Another date to block out in your diary.


Correspondence received

All queries received from the parent body either directly or via class reps were answered.


STEAM Committee

The STEAM committee are agreeing a budget allocation and programme of opportunities for 2019 with the school management



Next Meeting: Tuesday 5th March