Dear Parents and Guardians/A Thuismitheoirí agus a Chaomhnóirí,

Value for the month January is Friendship & inclusion

Update on Secretary Campaign
This is ongoing and we urge you to continue emailing/writing to contacts provided or talking to politicians when they arrive at your door. The work to rule is paused now as talks continue.

SSE focus on Wellbeing
Thank you for completing the questionnaires. The PDST met the wellbeing team to support analysis of the data collected. Further focus group discussions are ongoing.

Visit to National Concert Hall
On Tuesday, ALC blue went to the National Concert Hall to see the RTE symphony orchestra perform the ‘Music in the classroom’ concert. The children had been listening to all the pieces over the last 2 months and really enjoyed it.

Swimming lessons
5th and 6th will begin swimming on Thursday 6th February 2020.
Following Board discussions with growing numbers of pupils, better facilities to teach all strands of the PE curriculum, logistics staffing wise, and cost to the school, as we approach full capacity, we will be reducing participation in swimming with 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes (still 6 groups going swimming). For this school year, 1st classes will not participate in swimming lessons.

Many thanks to the parents helping sort the books in the Library.

Road safety week
This will be held from the week of Feb 3rd to 7th. Thank you go the parents supporting this.
We will be reminding everyone about the guidance for motorists and pedestrians (see attached). In the interests of safety for all please do not park
• at the set down area
• close to the zebra crossing
• close to the school gate
Please remind childminders, etc. of this also.


Term 1 of ECAs will end the week beginning 3 February (all children in Term 1 ECAs should attend their activities that week). Week of 10 February will be used for make up classes and communication will be sent to each class to let you know if you will have a class that week. Term 2 begins week of 17 February. Registration will be made available at the end of January and a link to the registration form will be sent out on January 30 using the PTA email distribution list.A link will also be included in the weekly newsletter. No notifications will be sent through Aladdin, due to the school secretary industrial action, so please watch your email. Please note we cannot take early/advance registration and all registration must be done using the link that will be sent out. Questions: contact [email protected]

• There are already a number of items in the Lost Property box, please check.
• Junior Infant vaccinations on 27th February
• Notification of ET AGM April 25th

Frása na Seachtaine: “Tá mé preachta leis an bhfuacht” – I am frozen with the cold

Le meas,
Róisín Conlon,
Príomh Oide