Dear Parents and Guardians/A Thuismitheoirí agus a Chaomhnóirí,

Health and Safety

Concern was raised by the Board of Management last night about safety of our children and others in the community travelling to and from school with the ongoing works at the bottom of the Ballymun Road.  Please alert your child(ren) to the additional risks and ask them to navigate this area with extra care.

ALC Classes visit Causey Farm

Sylvia and Kathy’s classes had a very successful and fun trip to Causey Farm

All the ALC visited Causey farm this week and we had a wonderful time.

Dermot showed us around the farm and we got to meet and feed lots of animals.

Ethan K from ALC blue said, “I loved when the farmer sprayed some milk from the cow’s udder” while Ethan G “loved playing in the bog and with the chickens”.

Nathan loved glorious Gloria the pig and both himself and Caimin loved the tractor rides. Devyn really liked feeding the animals and seeing them up close.

Thank you to everyone in Causey farm who made our visit so special. Sylvia

Have a look across at the lovely photos of Kathy’s class along with the sentences they wrote about their trip.

Bikes and Scooters Needing a Home

Please see below photos of forgotten bikes and scooters and retrieve before mid-term.



We hope you enjoyed reading our Wellbeing Newsletter last week.

Wellbeing Tip this week:

The major part of mindfulness is being aware of what you are doing while you are doing it. Easier said than done: our minds wander almost half the time, sometimes into very stressful thoughts. When you spot your mind wandering, gently return awareness to what you are doing in this moment.

Try: As you sit down or get to your feet, do so with awareness.

                                               (Padraig O Morain, the Daily Bell)

Incorporating a mindful minute into each day as a family is a lovely way to introduce mindfulness to children.


As always everyone is invited to get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up on Friday 22nd October 2022.


Upcoming Dates:

Mid-Term: 25th – 29th October inclusive.

Parent Teacher Meetings (on Zoom): 17th – 19th November.

School Closes Early (for Primary Language Curriculum Training): 12:30pm 24th November.

Frása na Seachtaine: “Cuir ort do cóta agus do hata” – “Put on your coat and your hat”

Le meas

Róisín Conlon


Bikes and Scooters

ALC GREEN Class at Causey Farm

ALC Green happy together at the farm
Some of the boys enjoyed feeding the horses.
The ride on the trailer was so much fun.
Enjoying watching the pigs.
Petting the cute bunny.

ALC BLUE Class at Causey Farm