Dear Parents and Guardians/A Thuismitheoirí agus a Chaomhnóirí,

Child Protection – New Guidelines 2023

The school has reviewed the school’s Child Safeguarding Statement (CSS) which has included:

  • Review of Risk Assessment by staff and Board of Management
  • Update of CSS in line with new procedures
  • Whole staff training (20/09/2023)
  • Some BoM members training
  • Notification of review of Risk Assessment and CSS to Patron Body – November 2023 (click here to view on school website)
  • Relevant CP Information displayed in foyer update e.g. DDLP is Lisa Madden, I’m the DLP
  • Please click here to read the Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment and CSS

Stay Safe

An important part of keeping children safe is taught through the Stay Safe Programme which all children complete every year.  If not already received this year, you will get a letter about this from your teacher very soon. Please find more information about the Stay Safe Programme for parents & guardians here. You can always talk to your child’s class teacher if you want to discuss the programme further.

Student Council

Staying safe includes work on bullying also.  I have already shared our updated policy earlier this year and am delighted that our Student Council are busy continuing with this important work.  Watch this space for an update soon.

Assembly on Friendship by Naomi and Kate and Lisa’s classes

We were all treated to fantastic talent and thoughtful sentiments in both our junior and senior assemblies celebrating our work on Friendship during the month of January.  Superstars in the making!

Contacting your Child’s Teacher on Aladdin Noticeboard

You can now send a message to your child’s teacher using Noticeboard on the school app.  Just click on “Send message to school.”  If you have more than one child in the school, please tick the box beside your child’s name whose teacher you are sending the message to.

To top off their learning about The Normans, the students in 4th class have been working so hard on their Motte and Bailey castles over the past few days.  We were so impressed with their teamwork, problem solving skills and creativity!  A special mention to Henry Nisbet who also made his own model at home.  Naomi


More art from James – exploring Neptune this time.  Katrin

Patrick & James Moloney took part in the West of Ireland Open Judo competition on Saturday 27th January and Patrick won bronze in the over 46kg minors boys competition against competitors from all over Ireland in what proved to be a very tough competition.  David


Frása na Seachtaine:

“Cén lá atá ann inniú? Dé _____ atá ann”. – “What day is it today?  Today is          .”

Le meas

Róisín Conlon