Second Class have been practicing Persuasive Writing techniques using the iPads! We’ve been using Adobe Spark for our presentations. It has a microphone tool so we’ve been practicing our oral language and presentation skills, as outlined in the new language curriculum.
At first, we teamed up to persuade people that ‘Leopards Are the Best Animal out of the Big 5’.
Here’s a superb example by Ailbhe, Lewis and Penny.
Leopards by Ailbhe, Lewis and Penny
Once we knew how to use Adobe Spark, we worked on our next brief:
Imagine your friend could travel to anywhere in Africa. Persuade them that they should travel to Uganda!
We used a checklist to include:
An introduction
Openers e.g. In our opinion, it is certain that, we believe, etc.
5 reasons
Great intonation
A conclusion
Look at the fantastic presentations the children created today:
Uganda by Eliza and Dario
Uganda by Clemence and Ethan
Uganda by Sophie and Kara
Uganda by Ailbhe, Eva and Robert
Uganda by Charlie and Zachary
Uganda by Eoin and Matthew