What is SPHE?

Social, personal and health education provides opportunities to foster the personal development, health and well-being of the child and to help him/her to create and maintain supportive relationships and become an active and responsible citizen in society.

SPHE Resources

The following core Resources are used in the delivery of the SPHE curriculum :

  • Walk Tall Manuals
  • Stay Safe Programme
  • The Relationships and Sexuality Manuals

Other programs are used by teachers, as appropriate, alongside these to teach specific strands & strand units.

Aims of Walk Tall:

  • To avert or at least delay experimentation with substances
  • To reduce the demand for legal and illegal drugs
  • To give primary school children the confidence, skills and knowledge to make healthy choices.

Overview of Stay Safe

Aims of Stay Safe:

  • To prevent child abuse by giving children the skills and strategies necessary to enable them to respond safely to any dangerous, upsetting or abusive situation.
  • To teach children how to deal with unsafe or inappropriate touch and never to keep touch a secret.
  • To teach children the importance of telling.
  • To give children safety strategies to deal with strangers


The lessons cover the following areas:

  • Feeling safe and unsafe
  • Friendship and bullying
  • Touches
  • Secrets and telling
  • Strangers

Please find more information about the Stay Safe Programme on our website here

Overview of RSE (Relationships & Sexuality Education) 

Aims of RSE:

  • To promote an understanding of and a healthy attitude to sexuality and relationships
  • To promote knowledge of and respect for reproduction
  • To promote a sense of wonder and awe at the process of birth and new life
  • To enable the child to feel comfortable with his or her sexuality and that of others.

Please find more information about our RSE programme here

*More information for parents about SPHE here