• 2 nominees of the Patron (Educate Together);
  • 2 teachers, the Principal and another teacher from the staff;
  • 2 parents’ representatives and
  • 2 others representing the wider community.

The Board will be in office for the next four years up to the end of November 2015.

I was invited by Educate Together’s Volunteer Officer Ms.Sarah Williams to serve as chairperson. In agreeing to do so, I am very conscious of the responsibility which I am undertaking, and consequently I am both honored and a little apprehensive. My professional background is in education, having been a primary classroom teacher for 22 years, then a principal teacher for 21 years and during this time serving on school boards for approx. 30 years. However the position of chairperson is a new role for me so the “L” plates will be up for a while.

I see myself as part of a team – Board and School Community- which is dedicated to doing all it can to continue the great work of Glasnevin Educate Together School. From my reading of some past editions of the school’s newsletter and in looking up the website
I have got an insight into the wonderful atmosphere and community involvement which are so much part of school life here. In the coming months I hope to get to know as many as possible of the school community and to make a personal contribution in any way I can.

The biggest task facing your Board is to make significant progress on the provision of a much needed new school building. There are hopeful signs that something positive will emerge from the Department of Education and Skills. I recognize the efforts of previous boards and sub-committees in pursuing this goal and I pay tribute to all involved for bringing us closer to the great prize. I was principal of St. John the Baptist Junior Boys’ National School (Belgrove) in Clontarf, and I well know just how much time and energy can be invested in such a project. Efforts to have a new school built there began in 1979 but the actual work did not commence until spring 2011.Even though we are suffering a recession the government has said it will not be cutting back on school buildings. So hopes are raised as we look forward to the new year. We are a great school. We only lack a modern building. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and hoping Santa has you on his list!

Vincent Conway

The eight members of the new Board of Management

  • Josh Maguire who is a parent of children in First class and Senior Infants
  • Deirdre Mulligan who is a parent of children in 3rd and 4th classes.
  • Attracta Hayden Principal
  • Sorcha Brennan who is the Junior Infant Teacher
  • Ray Lawless who is a parent of children in 2nd, 5th and 6th classes and is one of the Patron Representatives on the Board
  • Joe O’Hara who is one of the Community Representatives on the Board. He is the Head of the School of Education Studies in Dublin City University and has worked at the University for 17 years. Joe lives in the locality of Glasnevin and has served on other Boards of Management.
  • Eoghan Stack who works for The One Foundation and in that role has helped in the past to raise funds for Educate Together. Eoghan is the other Community Representative and also lives in the Glasnevin area.
  • Vincent Conway Chairperson