Fantastic news! Yesterday (Friday 8th May) we raised €1213 for the Umbrella Foundation, who are working hard to provide much-needed support for Nepalese children and families. A huge thank you to Nikki (parent), Tess (past pupil), Josh (5th Class) and also to Naomi and all the Student Council, who worked really hard to make it happen. Thank you to everyone in our  school community and wider community for your great generosity, with the production of vast amounts of delicious goodies and extremely kind donations!! The event was a wonderful living example of Unity, the value we have chosen to focus on during the month of May; all involved in its organisation worked seamlessly together in this display of solidarity with our most unfortunate fellow human beings.

The Umbrella Foundation is an Irish Charity, founded ten years ago.  Since then they have rescued 391 children from the streets and corrupt orphanages in Nepal.  These children have been cared for in an Umbrella home and where possible, they are returned to their family.  The organisation works on an on-going basis, with the families and schools ensuring the children’s safety and educating people in the villages about the dangers of trafficking.  Currently they are very busy working with GOAL to re-establish the villages where they are based, which have been destroyed, as well as gate keeping different districts due to the increased risk of trafficking and sex trade with this crisis.

You also have the opportunity to text in order to donate €4 – text earthquake to 50300.