What an adventure we’ve had during our first year in Glasnevin ETNS!

For the next few weeks we’ll be taking a trip down memory lane by looking at some photographs of all our learning and fun in Room 4.

This first post is all about our first week in Junior Infants. I chose a colourful dinosaur print dress to wear on our first day together and can remember all your bright, happy faces coming in to our classroom!

Do you remember our first play time or colouring in school pictures? Remember reading ‘The Kissing Hand’ together after we said goodbye to our families? How about our first time playing on the Main Yard with Jill’s class? Do you remember our first Circle Time where we learned each other’s names and talked about how we felt on our first day? I was so glad to hear that even though some of you were nervous or worried coming to school you all had fun and felt happy going home that afternoon!

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos with your family.

Love, Danielle.