Dear Parents and Guardians/A Thuismitheoirí agus a Chaomhnóirí,

The lack of clarity, many changes and negative press in relation to potential partial reopening of schools has been unhelpful and disheartening. We are prepared for reopening, if decided, yet aware that some eligible families would not be comfortable with this. We carry on regardless, putting safety first, and are absolutely delighted with the level of engagement from all families.   See below for a snippet of some of the work going on.  Maith sibh na cailíní and na buachaillí!

If you need cheering up and haven’t done so already have a list to Biden’s speech; Goodness, Truth, Justice and Unity will prevail!  Values do matter!

Fáilte Mhór Catherine

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Catherine Clune Mulvaney as our new Chairperson of the Board of Management.  Catherine comes to us with a wealth of experience, understanding and expertise, and with a warm and open Educate Together spirit.

A Clare woman and mum of two boys, with a background in nursing including intensive care, a role as Clinical Nurse Manager in ICU/HDU, lecturer for 10 years in the School of Nursing and Midwifery in RCSI, and currently Operations and Education Manager for the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery in RCSI .

In terms of governance, she was a member of the Board of the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery RCSI for 5 years and the parent nominee in the local school Board.  Currently she chairs the Podiatrists Registration Board at CORU and is a member of the Registration Review Board at the Medical Council.

“I had the great pleasure of visiting the school, and really enjoyed that experience- the school is absolutely beautiful, and I loved seeing some of the classrooms, with all the colour and creativity from the wonderful children’s art.  I look forward to meeting you all, and working together over the coming months and years,” Catherine.

Value of the Month: Inclusion/Friendship

After exploring the theme of friendship, here are a few samples of work from the children; a friendship menu & a few comments from the children after being asked how they can be a good friend;

See Ruben’s Friendship Soup recipe across.

‘Help someone to find something they lost in class or help someone in the yard when they are hurt.’ Tess

‘Showing listening ears and a big loving heart to our friends.’ Tadhg

‘play with them in the yard.’ Eoin

Eliott said he likes his friends because they’re ‘funny, playful and make him laugh and he loves playing games with them.’

One friend shared this for all to enjoy Click Here

Wellbeing & Mindfulness Update by Lisa

We hope children enjoyed the activities linked our Wellbeing focus for the last two weeks, Mindful Minutes, where children were encouraged to do some short breathing exercises to help focus on the present moment. Hopefully, some of you will decide to continue with these exercises.

For the next two weeks our Wellbeing focus is Gratitude. Gratitude practice has lots of benefits for adults & children & enhances our overall wellbeing. A simple way to start practising gratitude is to share one thing that you’re grateful for with your family each day. There are some nice Gratitude Activities to try out on our Wellbeing page.

Useful Link

This link was passed on to me from a Parent – how to turn a slow, old laptop into a fully functioning Chromebook.   It might be useful for some of our families struggling with old or recycled devices. Thank you Ashley!

Frása na Seachtaine: “Is fearr cairde na ór” – “I prefer friends to gold”

Le meas


Róisín Conlon


Ruben’s Friendship Soup Recipe

Ruben's Friendship Soup Recipe