4th April 2019
Dear Parents and Guardians/A Thuismitheoirí agus a Chaomhnóirí,
Soccer & Hurling
The boys won their soccer match on Monday against City Quay by 6 goals. The 6th Class boys played in a 5 Aside Soccer tournament in Abbotstown on Tuesday. They really worked as a team and enjoyed their day winning 2 matches, a draw in 1 match and lost one game. The girls played Howth Primary School today in Albert College. Unfortunately they lost today in a really tight game but are still top of their league. The 6th Class Girls will play a 5 Aside Tournament in Irishtown Stadium tomorrow. Thanks to Jill, Colm and David for all their positive encouragement and support. Hurling continues next week.

Autism Awareness Week
We celebrated World Autism Awareness Day on Tuesday and were delighted to see all the children wearing blue. Children completed a Jigsaw activity. Students decorated their own puzzle piece to best represent who they are or describing how they can show that they accept someone eg. being a friend, kind, understanding, helpful, nice. 5th & 6th class considered the questions ‘What can I do to help people with autism? (one way they can help/support) or “What positive thing have I learnt about people with autism”? Everyone learnt new facts about living with Austism.

Dogs Trust
Lucy, the beautiful Cocker Spaniel visited ALC Blue and ALC Green, 2nd, 3rd and 4th along with her owner Audrey from Dogs Trust.

4th class were busy planting their potatoes in our new beds today.

Upcoming Events
• The community Garda will be in to the school on Thursday 11th April to give the 6th Class a talk on Cyber bullying
• Art Day Information: Please see Letter below for more information
• Autumn Information: Please see Letter below for more information

• School closes for Spring Holidays at 12pm on Friday 12th April
• As always children and parents from Glasnevin ET are welcome to come in through the pedestrian gate at 8:35am at the earliest and parents are responsible for their children at this time.
• Please take care when entering and leaving the school grounds. Always dismount from bicycles, electric scooters and scooters before coming in the school gate. Can you please pass this message onto your childminders and others who maybe collecting your children.
• Parking – re the school guidelines for motorists and pedestrians at drop off and pickup time all parents can use the set down area for set down only. Parking is only for school taxis and cars with disabled certificates issued by the school. Please make child minders and after school carers aware of this.

Frása na seachtaine : ““Conas atá tú? Tá mé ar fheabhas!” – How are you? I am great!

Le meas,

Róisín Conlon,
Príomh Oide

Art Day is fast approaching – Friday 14th June

Preparations are well under way!

For this year we want to source our own Lego area, so we are kindly asking for generous donations of Lego – big Lego, small Lego, any sort of Lego! We are also looking for Lego Base Plates – the more the better! So, if you’re tired of stepping on those little sharp blocks, or your boxes are over spilling with little yellow figures, please give to our school! Your donations will be much appreciated and very well used. You can leave any Lego and Lego Base Plate donations in with Nicky. Thank You for your generosity!

Autumn Fair

It might seem a little bit early in the year to start preparing for Autumn Fair (October 2019), but we want to make sure we have plenty of time to make this a rewarding day for all! Autumn Fair is the most important fund raiser for the school. Funds raised by Autumn Fair make Art Day happen, buy books for the library, provide equipment for the kids.

As a result there is going to be an initial meeting for parents/guardians of children currently in First Class (Ronan’s and Vicki’s class) on Thursday 11th April at 8:30pm in Tolka Pub. During this meeting we will form an Autumn Fair Committee and discuss everything Autumn Fair. All parents/guardians from the 2 classes are encouraged to come along to this initial meeting and share their ideas. See you there!