Second class had lots of fun when their grandparents and relatives kindly visited us for grandparents day!

They sang songs, one of which was Molly Malone, and we were thrilled when our visitors joined in! Then the children recited their wonderful ‘Gran you Rap’ poem.

The children shared their fantastic grandparent acrostic poems and their history reports, in which they wrote about the lives of their grandparents when they were children.

Second class students also presented the amazing inventions they created to help older people. Some of which included, a robot who does your shopping, a teleporter and a cooker that makes its own meals!

The children and our visitors read stories together and they also played some board games, maths games and card games together. A favourite game of everybody was headbandz; it provided lots of laughter and fun!

To finish of our fun filled morning, the children presented their visitors with certificates they made especially for them.

We would like to thank all of our visitors again for taking the time to come and visit us!