Garda Vetting Flyer & forms (1)


Attendees: Pete, Aga, Annaba, Ciaran, Marena, Emily, Lisa D, Lisa M, Maire, Martin, Neal, Grainne, Louise and Niambh

Apologies: Lisa A, Stephanie, Amanda, Anne Marie, Aoife

Please find below a brief summary of  key items discussed and actions arising from the January PTA meeting.

2019 PTA Plan

The PTA Chairs and secretary are currently finalising the key priorities and planning for 2019.

Key items will include:

  • Ratification of New Constitution
  • Proposition of new school Communications Policy (to be ratified by the school BOM)
  • Autumn Fair Review
  • Parent Talks & Training
  • Art Day

If there is anything you would like to see addressed by the PTA in the 2019 plans, please email [email protected]

Art Day 15th June – New Committee Needed.

The current Art Day Committee (Lisa Davy, Maire Scully, Louise Greene and Olivia Coffey) are stepping down and a new committee needs to be set up in order to proceed with the 2019 Art Day.

Any parents that would be interested in being part of this sub-committee of the PTA, please contact [email protected]

There is a very clear “How To” Manual and guidelines on actions required and Lisa and Maire will do a full handover with the new committee. The PTA is very grateful to teachers Aine and Lisa who have agreed to represent the teaching staff on the sub committee.

End of Year School News Letter – Editor Required

Last year the PTA undertook a survey with the parent body in relation to the future of the school Newsletter, which was published quarterly at the time. The results of the survey indicated that the preference was for a move to website for most communications from classes throughout the year, with one end of year Newsletter to be published in June.

However, in order to continue with one newsletter a year a new editor for the newsletter will need to be secured as the parent who has looked after it for the last seven years will no longer be a parent in the school from June.

If we don’t find a parent willing to take on the Newsletter role, we will move to purely website based communication (via the teachers uploading relevant class content) going forward.

Treasurers Report

The PTA currently have €800 in the PTA Account with the remainder of the PTA income sitting in the BOM account. €14K has been provided to the school management to cover requirements in the 2019 school year.

Garda Vetting

Anyone volunteering on a regular basis with children is required to have Garda Vetting, however, the PTA would encourage all parents, as best practice, to be Garda Vetted with GETNS in order to be in a position to support the many wonderful activities that happening throughout the school year. Please find above the link to the Garda Vetting Form and Process which is managed by our school secretary Nicky.

School Library

The school is looking for parents to volunteer to support the school library. Any time at all would be appreciated. Email [email protected] if you can help.

 Dates for your Diary

  • Art Day 15th June
  • Table Quiz 10th May