Junior Infants have settled in very well to school and are already busy learning, working hard and making new friends. Take a look at what Lisa’s class have been up to!

The children had lots of fun doing construction and building with their friends:























The boys & girls loved doing role play in our home corner, pretending to be shop keepers, customers, office workers, business women & men, cooking, baking & having dinner parties!

A busy day in the office

Hard at work

Dinner time!

Playing shop


Fun in the sand

Amazing artists!

Creative play with dinosaurs

Exploring different animals

Concentrating on colouring

Fun with diggers

A lot of traffic today!



























Singing & doing the actions to Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!



Sorting & grouping different objects in maths

Team work!

Deciding how to sort the objects



























Looking forward to a great year ahead!