Have a look at what we’ve been up to for the last few weeks!

We celebrated Halloween together; we had lots of fun in our potions lab for Aistear; we enjoyed playing with slime and spiders & monsters & in our spooky farm small world area; we created monsters, zombies & lots of other spooky  creations in junk art & spectacularly spooky haunted houses in construction!

It was wonderful to see all the fantastic team work amongst the pupils during all of our activities!

Fun doing phonics!

Our amazing costumes!

Busy with Junk Art

Loving the slime area!

A wonderful small world farm creation!

Proud of their creations!

Another whole class picture in our Halloween costumes!

Making our own names!

Potion making!

Look at our slime creations!

Maths Trail for Maths Week!

Creating 2D shapes as part of out Maths Trail

Hopscotch Fun

We love slime!

Proud of ourselves for making our own names!

Imaginative Play in our Small World Area

Look at our creations!

More Maths Trail Fun


Fun in the Potions Lab

Proud of our Maths Trail Teamwork

Practising counting natural objects for Maths Week

Excited for slime!

Group games for Maths Week

Delighted with our clay hedgehogs!

Maths Trail Teamwork

Enjoying our maths games

Showcasing our creative clay creations!

Victory in one of our maths games!

An amazing small work autumnal creation!

Counting Game

Look at what we made together!

Ordering autumnal items by their size in maths

Describing his amazing building construction!

Maths week fun & games

A spooky haunted house!

Teamwork in action!

Helping each other out!

More slime fun!

Look at our scary haunted house!

De-seeding our pumpkin!

Fun with our names

Another frightening haunted house!

A wonderfully complex creation!

Thrilled with our potions!